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< About XD JAPAN Auction >
Service XD Japan Auction is provided by XD Japan which is located in Japan.
The customers in the world are able to purchase products online.

Shipment is provided by the company called Here2There which is located in USA.

Also our members in different countries provide transport service from Japan to their countries.

< Eligibility of Use >
In order to use the service, customers must fulfill the condition below.

a) Age Over 20 years old

b) Within the area where we can send products.

Current Area are: USA, St Lucia, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Costa Rica, Panamá, Barbados.

c) With understanding that some products may need shipping charge if mentioned in the description.

< System of Service >

XD Japan Auction has following features.
1. Bidding
2. Searching
3. Member registration
4. Sending messages
5. Payment

< Rules >
XD Japan has authority to cancel bidding or membership if customer’s behavior is as follows.
1. Payment delays more than 7 days.
2. Only for reselling purpose which abuse the regular market price
3. Violent verbal or action.

XD Japan also jas authority to cancel the items in case system has technical problems. In this case, all the payment will be refunded to customers within 72 hours by bank transfer.

< Shipment >
Productos are delivered to transport partners in each countries either by sea container or air freight.

Prices for all the products include shipping if they are shipped by sea container.
For air freight, additional shipping charge is required and price is to be quoted every products after purchased.

Shipment especially sea container delays depending on 3rd party shipping company.

XD Japan makes announcement of next shipment date when the container leaves from Japan.
However it does not mean the products arrives.
Customers can make a claim and cancel products if products does not arrive less than 75 days.
In this case, no cancellation fee is required.

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